Acceptance. Knowledge. Confidence. Success. Pride. Those are just a few of the gifts you have given clients at WSB this year. Your support allowed us to quickly recover from the unexpected loss of our IRS programs. You made it possible for us to expand our youth programs and offer them year-round. You helped more than 850 older Arkansans learn new ways to live with age-related vision loss. From meaningful employment to living an independent life, your commitment to WSB has put countless adults who are blind or visually impaired on the path to sustainable independence. On behalf of the staff and clients of World Services for the Blind, I offer an abundance of gratitude. Thank you for the gift of you.
— Sharon Giovinazzo, President & CEO


Life Skills

Adjusting to life without sight is difficult. Our life skills programs include training in home management,  communications, orientation and mobility, travel, assistive technology and more to help people who are blind or visually impaired live full and meaningful lives.

Career Training

From working in IT and teaching assistive technology to managing an office or helping consumers with tax and credit issues, our career training programs utilize the latest technology to level the playing field for professionals who are blind or visually impaired.

Youth Programs

World Services for the Blind now offers programs for young people who are blind or visually impaired. Current programs include College Prep, ACT Prep and the Essential Workplace Skills Series, which are open to youth aged 14 and up.


"World Services for the Blind gave me the tools I needed to start a career in IT."—J.F., WSB Grad
"One of the best parts of being at WSB is meeting other blind people who have a similar experience to mine. It's nice to get to know other people like me."—K.J., WSB Grad