Career Training

The career training programs offered at World Services for the Blind run the gamut from hands-on, high-tech training to become an IT specialist to in-depth study of the Microsoft Office suite of products to earn certifications essential for today's workplace. Many programs, including our latest offerings for certified credit counselors and VoiceOver @ Work, which focuses on Apple's VoiceOver tech, provide the skills necessary to find employment in a specific industry.



It is important to WSB staff that we fully understand each client as an individual and grasp his or her unique needs.  Up to 30 days can be spent in the evaluation period as WSB staff assess a client's aptitudes, interests, and academics. Vocational evaluation and testing are also available.

Based on the evaluation results, the professional staff will determine if the trainee has the skills necessary for vocational training in the program of his or her choice, or if additional personal adjustment and/or life skills training are needed to improve skills prior to vocational training. The general skill expectations for entrance into all vocational programs are listed below.



Assistive Technology Instructor
Program Length: 9 months
Open Enrollment

The nine-month Assistive Technology Instructor (ATI) program is designed to prepare a graduate to work as an academic instructor of assistive technology qualified to instruct customers in learning the proper use of AT, Microsoft Office, Windows operating systems and Apple iOS at a rehabilitation facility; as a sales representative for an AT vendor; or to develop his/her own independent consultant company for AT analysis, instruction, training and equipment recommendations, or long distance/in-house problem solving or tech support assistance. READ MORE ABOUT ATI...


Certified Administrative Assistant
Program Length: Self-Paced
Open Enrollment

The Certified Administrative Assistants (CAA) certification exam prepares individuals for a career as an administrative assistant/secretary across a wide range of professional companies. Attaining national certification displays that individuals have studied and mastered the necessary skills to be a recognized professional in the field of administrative assistants. The CAA holds its own as a standalone certification, and can be paired with other programs such as MOS or our customer service/call center training. READ MORE ABOUT CAA...

Desktop Support Technician I
Program Length: 6 months
Scheduled Enrollment

The Desktop Support Technician (DST) I Program prepares clients for the CompTIA A+ certification. This certification consists of two exams, and is the first step in obtaining an entry level desktop support, help desk or tech support position.

The program is divided up into three distinct portions, each focusing on a different aspect of training. DST I program sections include: IT Fundamentals, CompTIA A+ Certification Part 1 and CompTIA A+ Certification Part 2.

Microsoft Office Specialist
Program Length: 7 months, approximately (self-paced)
Open Enrollment

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) program is designed to effectively prepare adults who are blind or visually impaired to successfully earn certifications for the Microsoft Office applications. The program prepares a client to function in an office environment or as a first-level application support specialist. The program includes training in Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Office products.


Small Business Training
Program Length: Flexible
Open Enrollment


Our Small Business Training program shows clients how to successfully structure and run a small business. From hiring competent employees to managing cash flow, clients will gain the knowledge to start and grow a new business. Participants will build essential trade insight on how to function successfully as an entrepreneur. Whether you want to be a BEP vendor, private contractor or sell your product, there are certain skills that are a must, which include: how to write a business plan, understanding your customer, hiring competent employees, sales, competitive advantage, introduction to starting your own business, financing options for small businesses, managing cash flow, market research, introduction to accounting, introduction to pricing, and more.

Call Center Specialist
Program Length: 8 weeks
Open Enrollment

Offering impeccable customer service is critical for any organization or company hoping to create and maintain a loyal customer base. World Services for the Blind’s eight-week Call Center Specialist training program imparts a vast skill set upon its participants so that, upon graduation, they are prepared to take on the role of call center representative with confidence.

Organized into 11 components, the eight-week program covers the following topics: customer service, soft skills, communication, relationship building, sales and marketing, difficult customers, operations, human resources, and Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel programs.. READ MORE ABOUT CALL CENTER...

Certified Credit Counselor
Program Length: 12 weeks
Open Enrollment

Credit counseling is a massive industry with significant opportunities for employment. With the proper training and instruction in a classroom setting at WSB, clients will learn the ins and outs of becoming credit counselors. During their time in the classroom, clients will gain a better understanding about the importance of credit and debt settlement. The training and instruction will provide them with the tools to educate and guide others looking to improve their credit and financial situations.

Desktop Support Technician II
Program Length: 6 months
Scheduled Enrollment

The Desktop Support Technician II (DST II) program picks up where the DST I program leaves off. It prepares a client for the next two levels of CompTIA certification: Network+ and Security+. These certifications validate a client has more advanced knowledge in the two respective subject areas. The exams are more difficult and the passing scores are higher, but clients who are able to perform at this level can look forward to more advanced job opportunities such as Tier II help desk technician or network administrator.

VoiceOver @ Work
Program Length: Flexible
Open Enrollment

World Services for the Blind’s newest vocational program, VoiceOver @ Work (VOW), offers clients the opportunity to master VoiceOver—Apple’s integrated screen reader technology—and its robust suite of features in order to prepare them to work for a company that requires applicants possess extensive knowledge of the application. READ MORE ABOUT VOW...