Desktop Support Technician I

Desktop Support Technician classroom with students working independently

Desktop Support Technician I
Program Length: 6 months | Scheduled Enrollment

The Desktop Support Technician (DST) I Program prepares clients for the CompTIA A+ certification. This certification consists of two exams, and is the first step in obtaining an entry level desktop support, help desk or tech support position. The program is divided up into three distinct portions, each focusing on a different aspect of training:  

Section 1: IT Fundamentals
The IT fundamentals portion of the class is based around the CompTIA certification of the same name. It is designed to be a stepping stone to more advanced certifications such as A+, and covers software, hardware, networking and security basics, as well as fundamental IT literacy. Preparing for the IT Fundamentals exam is a great activity for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of how computing technology works, something that every modern PC or mobile device user can benefit from having.

Section 2: CompTIA A+ Certification Part 1
The second portion of the course focuses on the CompTIA A+ certification’s first exam, the 220-901.  This exam measures a candidate’s knowledge of computer hardware, networking and mobile devices, as well as network and hardware troubleshooting skills. This portion of the class is primarily self-paced, with regular instructional time, hands-on activities, and practical exercises such as PC component replacement, lab-based network troubleshooting simulations and common mobile device support tasks.

Section 3: CompTIA A+ Certification Part 2
Just like the second portion, the third and final portion is primarily self-paced, with regular instructional activities. However, the 220-902 exam focuses on a different set of objectives including security, operational procedures, operating systems and software. Just like the 220-901, the 220-902 tests for the ability to properly troubleshoot in the subject areas outlined in the objectives.

Please Note: While the majority of the course is self-paced, there are periodical tests and assignments to ensure that clients are progressing at a satisfactory rate. There is no limit to how quickly a client can proceed through the program, however there is a maximum time period of six months allowed for the course.


For more information, or to begin the application process, contact Rebecca Reid, director of recruiting and retention, at or 800-248-0734.





  • High school diploma
  • Keyboarding speed of 45 WPM
  • Print reading speed of 100 wpm with 75% comprehension
  • Advanced skills with ZoomText and/or JAWS, NVDA
  • 12th-grade proficiency in business math and algebraic problem solving
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Time and stress management skills
  • Ability to adhere to a working or training schedule
  • Ability to interact well with others and convey information in a clear manner
  • Approval of the admissions committee
  • Basic computer literacy (Navigating windows, basic concepts and terms, etc.)