Desktop Support Technician II

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Desktop Support Technician II
Program Length: 6 months | Scheduled Enrollment

The Desktop Support Technician II (DST II) program picks up where the DST I program leaves off. It prepares a client for the next two levels of certification from CompTIA: Network+ and Security+. These two certifications validate a client has more advanced knowledge in the two respective subject areas. The exams are more difficult and the passing scores are higher, but clients who are able to perform at this level can look forward to more advanced job opportunities such as Tier II help desk technician or network administrator.

The program is broken up into two sections:

Section 1:  Network+ Certification
Expanding upon the networking knowledge obtained in the A+, the Network+ goes into greater detail on topics such as TCP/IP networking, wireless, network-based security, protocols, setting up small office or home office networks, troubleshooting connectivity problems, network topologies, network services, routing and switching, and industry best practices.

Section 2:  Security+ Certification
In today’s world, information security and online privacy are on everyone’s minds, not just CIOs and project managers.  Security+ aims to equip IT professionals with a more in-depth skill setin the areas of antivirus, firewalls, user authentication, access controls, backup procedures, disaster response and recovery, risk management, attack vectors, vulnerabilities and exploits, and best practices in the field.

The DST II program is open to those who have successfully completed the DST I course, or who possess equivalent or greater credentials, work experience, or a combination thereof. Approval by the instructor is required, and a client’s training goals should be discussed with the instructor before entering into the program.

* Contact admissions for more in-depth information on proficiency requirements.