Participant in Arkansas Older Blind Program

Any adult who is 55 or older and is losing their sight needs a professional to help with the life changes they’re experiencing. The comprehensive training and counseling of the Arkansas Older Blind Program creates a strong foundation for healthy independent living. Drawing from the array of services at World Services for the Blind, an in-home training schedule for each person’s needs is designed to achieve a well-rounded and healthy personal adjustment to visual disability.

Training is provided by qualified, professional rehabilitation teachers, orientation and mobility instructors, and service program directors and coordinators.

The Structure
An evaluation of each individual is the first step of the program, and includes a functional skills assessment in all areas of services.

The team will review the results and customize an in-home training program that meets the total needs of each individual. Modifications and changes are made daily when needed, and accommodations for health problems and multiple disabilities can be made as well.

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Orientation and Mobility

  • Orientation to environments

  • Sighted guide techniques

  • Using the long cane to walk outside the home

  • Experience with travel aids, such as support canes, telescopes and colored glasses

  • Use of public transportation, including paratransit where available

  • Accessing transportation routes

  • Ideas for making home environment user-friendly

Adaptive Aids

  • Low-vision aids and optical aids

  • Lighting

  • Color contrast and texture usage

  • Tape recorders

  • Library resource

Leisure Activities

  • Crafts and hobbies

  • Table games

  • Community group activities

  • Support – telephone buddies


Activities of Daily Living

  • Clothing and grooming care

  • Kitchen safety and eating techniques

  • Labels for identification

  • Organization skills

  • Money identification

  • Handwriting


  • Telephone usage

  • Reading skills

  • Writing aids

  • Braille

  • Typing

Assistive Technology
Personal computer training with assistive technology (voice output or large print display) for personal use: correspondence, financial needs, check writing, recipe files.

For Information and/or Referral:

Older Blind Program
World Services for the Blind
2811 Fair Park Boulevard
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
Telephone 1-800-248-0734; 501-664-7100
FAX 501-664-2743
email: rsummers@wsblind.org