Through our newly expanded youth programs, WSB is equipping a new generation with the tools they need to succeed in college and in the workplace. The eight-week College Prep Program provides a first-hand higher-ed experience that includes a two-week skills evaluation period, academic skills development, assistive technology and computer literacy, psychological and social adjustment, daily living skills, and orientation and mobility. Program participants will also enroll in a three-credit course at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, located across from the WSB campus. 

The Essential Work Place Skills (EWPS) Series is intended for transitional youth and young adults who are about to enter the workforce or for adults with little to no real work history. It is designed to build an essential foundation of skills needed to be successful in today’s workplace. In addition to the traditional qualifications and technical skills usually considered, employers are also concentrating on new areas, including communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills, as well as several personal attributes such as enthusiasm, commitment, common sense and positive self-esteem. The EWPS Series addresses the soft skills that employers are seeking in their employees while taking the participant through the process of finding and securing the job that they desire and are qualified for.

For Arkansans age 55 and older who are losing their sight, the comprehensive training and counseling of the Arkansas Older Blind Program (OIB) creates a strong foundation for healthy independent living. Funded by the Arkansas Division of Services for the Blind and administered by WSB, the OIB Program draws from the array of services at WSB to provide an in-home training schedule designed to achieve a healthy, well-rounded personal adjustment to visual disability based on each person’s individual needs. Training is provided by professional rehabilitation teachers, orientation and mobility instructors, and service program directors and coordinators.