Employment Development Guidance and Engagement (EDGE)

Developmental Therapy Program (DTP)

The Developmental Therapy Program (DTP) is a program designed to train and certify individuals interested in working in an area caring for children. This program is designed to train individuals who are blind or visually impaired to gain competitive employment in a great work environment. It allows them to gain independence, education and certifications that will make them more marketable for employment.

These students will be given an extensive career assessment using a comprehensive and interpretative report with their career training potentials. The report will utilize and expand on the individual’s abilities and interests that will make the work environment complementary to their abilities. The assessment will be proctored and interpreted by a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Therapist and reviewed with the client extensively to understand their career training potentials. These scales will help the client in planning their career and making informed career choices.  A copy of the interpretative assessment will be provided to the client and their state Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.  

Training Services:

  • Comprehensive Career Inventory

  • Work Experience

  • Adult Education Training

  • Certification Courses on Campus

  • Room & Board

Certificates Available:

  1. Comprehensive Childcare Orientation Training (CCOT): 10 CR Hours

  2. Standard of Childhood Development & Early Learning (SCDEL): 18 CR Hours

  3. Comprehensive Childcare Database Management System (CCDMS)

  4. State Childcare Computer Program


  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Background Eligible

  • CPR Certified

Cost inclusive of all services:

  • $26,125.00/semester (20 weeks) Room & Board Included

  • $22,744.00/semester (20 weeks) Without Room & Board

Transitional Age Education and Employment Opportunity

Transitional Age Education and Employment Opportunity is designed to provide enhanced educational training and address the identifying deficits for individuals with blindness and visual impairments who have graduated or are no longer in high school, transitioning into the workforce. An extensive comprehensive career inventory will be assessed with each client to provide career training potentials and areas of strengths and weaknesses based on the inventory’s results. Supported assistance will be provided to these individuals based on their educational or prevocational needs, whether in college or training towards gainful employment. The program is structured as such to meet the client at their level of training and progress towards completion of an employment goal that is applicable to them. The opportunity will be provided for the client to gain independence in their living environment and community, and enhanced educational and employment skills essential for the workplace that is required for successful employment.  

Training services:

  • Comprehensive Career Inventory

  • Essential Workplace Skills

  • Soft Skills

  • Work Experience Opportunities (Includes transportation and learning to access transportation independently.)

  • Enhanced Educational Training

  • Time Management

  • Financial Literacy

  • Assistive Technology Training

  • Job Simulations

  • O&M Training

Cost inclusive of all services:

  • $26,125.00/semester (20 weeks), Room & Board Included

  • $22,744.00/semester (20 weeks), Without Room & Board


Single Parent Opportunity for Knowledge & Empowerment (SPOKE)

The Single Parent Opportunity for Knowledge & Empowerment program (SPOKE) is designed to offer an opportunity for successful employment to single parents with visual impairments and blindness with significant barriers to employment. These barriers may be educational, job training, lack of childcare, work readiness skills or soft skills, appropriate clothing, interviewing skills, transportation, communication, and a lack of employment direction or choices.

This program is designed to assist the client with career, educational, and training goals. It will empower the client with the same tools and opportunity to be competitive when searching for employment as others without such barriers.    



1 Infant Child                  

  • Includes daycare

  • Includes room & board

  • Additional $1850.00 / monthly

School age child (children)

  • Before and after school care program

  • Includes room & board

  • Additional $1,500.00 / monthly


College Prep

College Course: 3 credit hours Communications Course at University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR)

Training:  6 Hours daily

  • Career Assessment that is provided with a Comprehensive Interpretative Career Report proctored and interpreted by a Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist.

  • O&M training

  • Adult Education

  • College prep skills (study tools, time management, etc.)

  • Essential Workplace Skills / Soft skills

  • College course assistance

$26,125.00/semester (20 weeks) Room & Board

$22,744.00/semester (20 weeks) Without Room & Board