VoiceOver @ Work

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VoiceOver @ Work
Program Length: Flexible | Open Enrollment

World Services for the Blind’s newest vocational program, VoiceOver @ Work (VOW), offers clients the opportunity to master VoiceOver—Apple’s integrated screen reader technology—and its robust suite of features in order to prepare them to work for a company that requires applicants possess extensive knowledge of the application.

Whether a client has no experience with VoiceOver or is an experienced user of the utility, the program curriculum is designed to be flexible and meet a client where they are and help them achieve their goal of becoming a successful and productive VoiceOver user both with iOS devices and desktop Mac environments.

The VOW program has four phases, each of which is flexible and can be customized to a client’s current skill levels:

Introductory Unit (1 weeks)

Mac OS with VoiceOver (6 weeks)

iOS Unit (2 weeks)

VoiceOver @ Work Customer Service (2 weeks)


Upon completion of the VOW program, a client will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to be a competitive employee in this fast-growing industry.  For more information, or to begin the application process, contact Rebecca Reid, director of recruiting and retention, at rreid@wsblind.org or 800-248-0734.