WSB Instructor Evaluation

World Services for the Blind periodically conducts evaluations that are designed to help improve our programs. You are required to answer each question before submitting your evaluation. There is an optional space after each question for you to include additional comments if you choose. 

This evaluation form will allow you to remain anonymous; results will be sent to a neutral third party. However, if you would like to be contacted to discuss your answers further, please include your name and email address in the area provided. 

The instructor explained concepts clearly. *
The instructor provided clear constructive feedback. *
The course provided an appropriate balance between instruction and practice. *
The course developed my abilities and skills for the subject. *
My instructor was actively engaged in the learning process throughout the lesson. *
I feel as if my classroom experience was structured and planned in advance, and that my instructor was well prepared. *
My instructor was able to adjust the pace of the class to meet the needs of the students. *
The assignments made sense to me; I understood their purpose. *
I felt encouraged to participate and respond. *
I got clear responses to what I say in class; I found out how to improve. *
The instructor treats students with respect. *
The instructor effectively directs and stimulates discussion. *
The instructor encourages students to ask questions and give answers.   *
Each classroom had adequate materials and equipment. *
(Please choose a number from 1 to 5; 1 being "poor", 5 being "excellent".)
How successful was the instructor in creating an environment that was conducive to learning? *