World Services for the Blind is the most comprehensive rehabilitation center for blind or visually impaired adults in world, offering a unique combination of independent living skills and career training, and access. To educate the community about our mission, WSB conducts tours of the center. The tour program is designed to introduce the public to our three areas of focus through an engaging, one-hour journey around our center that features presentations from staff and clients on what we do and how we’ve helped so many blind or visually impaired people. If you would like to schedule a tour for you and your friends, coworkers, church or civic group, please contact us at 1-800-248-0734 or

Lions Club Speaker’s Bureau

The decades-long partnership between WSB and Lions continues as members of the Lions Club Speaker’s Bureau make presentations at Arkansas Lions Clubs throughout the year. Our speakers educate their fellow Lions about the mission of WSB, offering insight to our programs and success stories about our clients. Contact Mel Jones for more information.

Alumni Association

If you graduated from WSB, we want to hear from you! WSB’s alumni association enables staff to track the whereabouts and the accomplishments of former clients, and it gives past clients the chance to network, support WSB, stay up-to-date with new happenings and get back in touch with old friends. In addition, the association allows WSB to expand its public education program by recruiting alumni to be ambassadors and give speaking presentations in their area on behalf of WSB. For more information on the alumni association, contact us at 1-800-248-0734 or You can connect on Facebook.


WHAT IS YOUR CAPACITY? WSB has the capacity to house 91 clients at a time. Please contact us for current availability.

DO THE CLIENTS LIVE ON CAMPUS? Yes, WSB is a full residential facility with dormitories for women and men and a cafeteria that serves a continental breakfast, lunch and dinner.

WHAT IS THE AVERAGE LENGTH OF STAY? A client who attends WSB for our personal adjustment program stays approximately 4 months. A client enrolled in one of our vocational programs stays between 4 to 10 months, depending on the program.

HOW MUCH DOES THE TRAINING COST? The training for one client costs approximately $4,600 a month for tuition, room and board.

DO THE CLIENTS HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR TUITION? No, the majority of the tuition fees are generally provided by each state’s rehabilitation agency. The rest of the funding comes from individual donations and bequests, general fundraising and Lions Clubs.

IS THE PROGRAM OPEN TO NON-US CITIZENS? Yes. With the exception of the IRS programs, which require participants to be U.S. citizens in order to be employed by the IRS. While U.S. clients do not have to pay their tuition (see above question), international clients must have the financial resources available for tuition, room and board, and all travel arrangements, etc., to our campus. Circumstances will vary for each individual. Please contact us for more information on programs, services and associated fees.

I THOUGHT THE LIONS CLUBS PROVIDED ALL THE FUNDING NEEDED BY WSB? Lions Clubs from Arkansas and surrounding states contribute generously to WSB. But Lions Clubs only contribute approximately 12 percent of WSB’s operating budget, so the center needs support from many sources.

DOES WSB ONLY SERVE PEOPLE WHO ARE TOTALLY BLIND? About 40 percent of the people we serve are totally blind. The other clients are “legally blind,” and have exhausted any physical restoration of eyesight that is possible.

WHAT IS THE AGE RANGE OF THE CLIENTS YOU SERVE? We serve people ranging from 14 years to 90 plus.

HOW IS A PERSON REFERRED TO WSB FOR TRAINING? Each state has an agency that provides services to its residents who are blind. The Arkansas agency, for example, is called the Division of Services for the Blind. A person interested in training at WSB should contact his or her state agency, which has branch offices across the state. The state office then contacts WSB with referral information. Anyone, however, can call WSB directly to request information.