From high-tech to hands-on, our programs are here to prepare you for a new career.


Download the complete Career Training Program Guide, or choose individual program handouts below.

Assistive Technology Instructor

Our Assistive Technology Instructor program provides students with the skills necessary to be an effective, highly employable assistive technology instructor and a consummate professional. Study topics ranging from computer fundamentals to advanced teaching theory. The program puts a strong focus on the practical application of skills and the reality of today’s workforce. A student completing the ATI certification would qualify for the following occupations: assistive technology support technician (home- or office-based positions); assistive/adaptive instructor/trainer (organization-based or field work positions); independent AT assessment/instructor trainer as a state vendor; and website accessibility consultant (company or independent contractor-based positions). This program is also available online. Download the Assistive Technology Instructor handout.

Call Center Specialist

Offering impeccable customer service is critical for any organization or company hoping to create and maintain a loyal customer base. World Services for the Blind’s eight-week Call Center Specialist program imparts a vast skill set upon its participants so that, upon graduation, they are prepared to take on the role of call center representative with confidence. This program is also available online. Download the Call Center Specialist handout.

Certified Credit Counselor

Certified by the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors (NACCC) our Certified Credit Counselor program prepares students to serve individuals in need of credit counseling, bankruptcy counseling, financial coaching, student loan debt counseling and housing counseling. This program is also available online. Download the Certified Credit Counselor handout.

Developmental Therapy Program

The Developmental Therapy Program (DTP) is a program designed to train and certify individuals interested in working in an area caring for children. This program is designed to train individuals who are blind or visually impaired to gain competitive employment as a Developmental Therapy Assistant (DTA) in a great work environment. It allows them to gain independence, education and certifications that will make them more marketable for employment. Download the Developmental Therapy Program handout.

Hospitality Professional

In our Hospitality Professional Program, individuals will learn customer service, shadow experienced custodians, exhibit an understanding of safety rules and regulations, and practice good communication as expected in the workplace. Offering fantastic hospitality is critical for any organization or company hoping to create and maintain a loyal customer base. World Services for the Blind’s 20-week Hospitality Professional Program imparts a vast skill set upon its participants so that, upon graduation, they are prepared to take on the role of custodian with confidence. Download the Hospitality Professional Program handout.

IT Specialist

Our IT Specialist (formerly known as the Desktop Support Technician I and II program) isn’t your typical IT class. Tailored towards the blind and visually impaired, the class is a self-paced introduction to the world of IT. Students are given the tools and resources to guide them on their path to certification while working alongside the organization’s IT department to gain real-world, hands-on, practical experience.  Whether your focus is networking, server administration, data security, or something else, the self-paced nature of the course material combined with real-world experience is a learning environment like no other and is the only program nationwide of its kind. Download the IT Specialist handout.

Licensed Massage Therapist Certification

The profession of massage therapy is growing rapidly, with a projected employment increase of 26% between 2016 to 2026. World Services for the Blind’s new Licensed Massage Therapist Certification Program is designed to meet that demand. By training certified massage therapists, the program will address the industry’s need for professionals while helping people who are blind or visual impaired gain meaningful employment. While massage therapists work in a variety of environments, solo practitioners account for the largest percentage of practicing therapists (67 percent). Sixty percent work at least part of their time at a client’s home/business/corporate setting, 23 percent in a healthcare setting, 29 percent in a spa setting, and 38 percent at a home practice. Download the Licensed Massage Therapist Certification handout.

Microsoft Office Specialist

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) program is designed to effectively prepare adults who are blind or visually impaired to successfully earn certifications for the Microsoft Office applications. The program prepares a student to function in an office environment or as a first-level application support specialist. The program includes training in Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Office products. Computer training is accomplished with the use of assistive technology such as screen-reading programs and magnification programs, depending on the individual’s needs. This program is also available online. Download the Microsoft Office Specialist handout.

Office Essentials

Our Office Essentials program is tailored to fit your needs. We combine aspects of Microsoft Office Specialist, call center specialist, Assistive Technology, and employment preparation  —into one program, ensuring students are receiving the best training and the most up-to-date information, with the greatest opportunity to enter into the workforce. This program is also available online. Download the Office Essentials handout.

Service Employment & Technology

Our Service Employment & Technology program teaches a broad spectrum of technology while addressing customer service skills—all of which are vital in the workplace. This program consists of call center training, general customer service training, and training in the use of Jaws for Windows, VoiceOver for Mac and mobile technologies. This program is also available online. Download the Service Employment & Technology handout.

Small Business Management

Our Small Business program aims to teach individuals the aspects of developing and maintain a business of their own. Clients will develop a business plan, register with their state, file with the IRS and identify a means of raising capital. Download the Small Business Management handout